Thursday, October 24, 2013

Markus Rice and Adam Cruz Live at Mixtape Sessions! (2 PARTS) 04/20/2002


Joey Aponte and Markus Rice are two friends who shared an amazing bond over good music. The used to throw these incredible parties in Brookklyn. I remember first partying to Markus and Joey's DJ sets in Dumbo for their Destiny party and losing myself on the dance floor. I even re-connected with an old college friend one random night and we're closer than ever to this day, thanks to Markus and Joey. Once the Destiny parties ended, Markus started throwing his Expansions parties at 667 Lounge, also in Brooklyn. At 667 Lounge, I had some of the more legendary nights out ever. Markus always supported what I was doing as a DJ and radio personality. When I began producing music, Markus was one of the first and sometimes only DJ to play my stuff.

On April 20, 2002, I invited Markus to come down to Mixtape Sessions and do a tag-team set with me. Here is the set in 2 parts. We had so much fun. Some time later, Markus reminded me that I was the first internet radio show in our area that showcased house music producers and artists and interviewed them too. I don't know if I was the first, but I remember that there weren't many other shows on the internet, at the time.

I'm still not quite over Markus's passing on August 29, 2011. He seemed to be a person who would be around forever. In my mind, he will forever be out debuting a new party, DJing at another or the like. I miss his creative spirit and the amazing good times. Thank you Markus for it all.